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Founded by Resman Holdings Ltd of Calgary, Alberta and Lawrence Lambert of Ladysmith, British Columbia in the year 2011, Pureleau’s objective is to pursue an alternative low energy method of recovering potable water from the ocean and similar saline reservoirs.

The ever increasing demand on potable water for human consumption, including agricultural and industrial use, urges the development of new desalination technologies.

To date, the company has proven the feasibility of a patented process known as CDI (Capacitive Deionisation), and now continues with a second generation ion pump.

Our mission is to bring technological innovation to the looming crisis of a global water shortage.

The core group of researchers at Pureleau includes Lawrence Lambert, P.Eng. B.Sc. UVIC; Juan Pablo Bravo, Ph.D., SFU, nanotechnology materials lab; and Greg Eaton, CET, microelectronics specialist.

CDI achieves water purification by the electrically induced adsorption of the moiety of ions within seawater (or other aqueous sources), onto porous high surface area electrodes. This low energy method is the ideal technology for use with solar or wind power; CDI requires extremely low voltages i.e. typically < 1.5 VDC. A working system can achieve energy budgets that are less than 1/10th of the existing desalination industry standard of RO (Reverse Osmosis).

Pureleau will concentrate its efforts on bringing affordable desalination drinking water systems to the market. This effort will include specialised sensor development, second generation ion pump processes and ancillary clean water technologies.

CONTACT: Lawrence Lambert, P.Eng., Sr Engineer